At the beginning of 2010 we inaugurated our parent company in Portugal (Estoril), in June of that year we opened a representative office in China which takes care of our customers in the Asian market. At the end of 2010, we inaugurated with our partners two platforms in the region of Braga where we handle residue management (collecting, sorting, packaging, cleaning and stocking). Our performance and know-how allowed the company to grow quickly. The conditioning, cleaning and sorting of the materials were a necessity of yesterday which became a reality of today.

In 2011 and onwards, Eco-Modus has as a priority the satisfaction of our clients and the increase of demand.

Global market

Europe is a market with a bright future in spite of strong competition, but to satisfy your necessities we study possible markets (South America and African Country) to prepare for tomorrow.


Eco-Modus’ mission is to be a reliable partner in everyday life,not only as trader and collector but also as a consulting partner. With our mission at heart our co-workers can professionally inform you about the collection, the management as well as about materials, logistics, and inspections. We also have a legal department which will support you in case of any incident. Our objective is to offer you the best services in Portugal and abroad in the field of recycling. Our services allow you to decrease the risks and time wasted on your investments. Our purpose is to be totally involved in all domains of the recycling process. Our reliability, professionalism, open-mindedness, precision and traceability in the business are of major importance to us.

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