Our Team provides comprehensive market research and business program development services. We use the breadth of our experience and recycling industry knowledge to provide your company with dynamic solutions, which will significantly enhance your prospects.

Strategy – Early stage strategic thinking is critical to the introduction of your products to new commercial markets, be it by geography or application. We do researches and measures of each market opportunity, narrowly evaluating risks as well as the potential benefits. Our research products at this critical early stage provides tools that determine where and how to allocate their resources to maximum effect.

Execution – Even promising opportunities can fail to be realized without proper execution. We build and customized approaches from the ground up, designed to deliver marketing and distribution programs that assure our clients the most efficient route to penetrating new markets for their goods.

Participation – Moreover, since our primary business is to trade as principals, we selectively choose materials for our own portfolio, thereby directly participating in the rewards (and risks) along with our clients.
Eco-Modus Lda understands that logistics are a critical factor contributing to the success or failure in the business of any commodity. In today’s competitive trading environment, finding the most efficient means of transporting goods to market, and additionally securing the optimal handling, storage and delivery arrangements, can determine success or failure.
Our logistics products are directly targeted at companies who seek to extract every measure of value from their transport and logistics activities.